Palmistry or palm reading is one of the ancient known forms of astrology and is been advancing with time and has its cultural variations.  Having roots in India Palmistry mainly focus on evaluating individual’s character or future with the help of their palm lines. This practice is common in Euroasian places, Tibet,Persia, Israel, Bablyonia, Sumeria and China.  Hand reading needs sheer knowledge and accuracy of information that is shared.  It makes it a gratifying experience for the one who would like to know what the palm details have in store for them.  Hand reading and Hand reading astrology have gained momentum from years and has become more predominant now.


There are many types in the palm reading based on the Palm lines. Heart line, Headline, Life line, Sun line, Mercury line and Fate line. These lines along with some mounts or bumps form the key aspect for interpretation or prediction. These lines are believed to grow and change according to the happenings in an individual life. In some cases even Finger, Fingernails, Skin texture & colour are also considered for examination. There are many ways of reading and interpreting the lines of the palm and is unique for females and males.  Though there are many guides available regarding Palm Reading, knowing it from the palmist is always recommended for the accurate predictions and its remedies.


Palm reading mainly is the apparent science and has a scope of knowing your past life occurrences and the future life proceedings. Palm line Analysis can help in Relationships, bonding of the family and its deeper understanding, Pre and Post marriage counselling, Relationship counselling, Educational advice- teaching students by their strengths and assisting with challenges, Is a key tool to know the health life, life line, Job or education identification and satisfaction criteria, Identifying potential areas of specialization within an area of expertise. 

Jyotish Acharay Sri Damodhar Rao is the best hand reader in Bangalore and is well versed with his knowledge of palm reading. Come to us to know your past and to secure your future with a guided assistance.

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Disclaimer Results may vary from person to person.