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Dosha Parihara

Dosha is defined as the condition that has a fault, an unfavourable condition or an odd. These doshas occur or are caused due to the unsuited positioning of the planets in your birth chart. This is primarily screened and remedies are the part and parcel of vedic astrologyand has been practiced since the inception of vedic astrology. According to dosha pariharam  astrology planets with negative vibes like Rahu, Ketu, Mars , Saturn etc are present in certain houses can ruin the positive effects of the horoscope

Types of Doshas

According to the Hindu Astrology we find many types of doshas and each doshas are unique and specific according to the individual horoscopes. Hence detailed checking and screening of the horoscope is needed to identify the doshas in ones horoscope. It is said the maximum trouble caused in this play of doshas is by planet Mars. You can call Mars as the Antagonist of Doshas directly responsible for 100% of the doshas.  As per the vedic astrology doshas ,Saturn is liable for 75% of the doshas, Sun for 50% and Rahu for 25%. Below are the some of the common known Doshas :
  • Stree Dosha
  • Pitru Dosha
  • Sarpa dosha
  • Vastu Dosha
  • Naadi Dosha
  • Shrapit Dosha
  • Mangal Dosha
  • Kuja Dosha
  • Rahu u00a0Dosha
  • Ketu Dosha
  • Jathaka Dosha

Pandit Sri Damodhar Rao is a pro in horoscope reading in terms of Dosha identifications and its remedies. He gives individual attention by deep diving into your horoscope and suggesting suitable and genuine restorative.

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